Alien: Covenant – superb new poster emerges

Well, this is rather stylish. An official new poster for this year’s Alien: Covenant has emerged, and it looks superb. Channeling the spirit of the sadly departed HR Giger, whose airbrushed nightmare paintings helped unleash the terrifying Starbeast back in 1979, it’s a monochrome still life of twisted Engineer bodies and screeching xenomorphs. 

In short, it looks like Giger repainted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel while the Pope was in the loo. Here it is…

Alien: Covenant – the brand new red band trailer

As promised, a brand new trailer for Alien: Covenant was released last week, bringing with it new footage from the film. But also, a red band variant on the trailer has now also been unleashed by 20th Century Fox, and you can see that right here….

Here’s that new trailer that landed (the safer version!)….

And here’s the prologue that was released recently too…

Here’s the original red band trailer from last year…

More Alien: Covenant details as we have them.

Alien: Covenant release date

Alien: Covenant will reach British cinemas on the 12th May and American theatres on 19th May 2017. There’s no word yet on the running time.

More news on Alien: Covenant as we get it. In the meantime, click onto page 2 of this article for more on the film…

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