American Gods: lots of new images

Beloved showrunner Bryan Fuller will be ushering in a new series of Gods and monsters – American ones at that – for Starz in April.

Lots of new images from American Gods, which is based on the book of the same name by Neil Gaiman, have just been added to the gallery atop this page. You can click into it to have a look at them.

Orlando Jones will be playing one of said gods, Mr Nancy (also known as Anasi, the trickster god). Yesterday, we got our first glimpse at him…

 “I’m so excited to play Mr. Nancy — one of my favorite characters ever — this is really like a pinch-yourself moment the entire way. I’m just giddy about it,” Jones revealed in a lengthy interview with Vanity Fair

Jones then chatted about his personal relationship to the character, saying, “Anansi is one of those characters that survived the Middle Passage, began in western Africa, and made his way here and really proliferated throughout the southern United States. The Spider God, the Trickster God was part of stories that my great-grandfather would tell me when I used to sneak him cigarettes.”

Jones also mentioned that, he’d be up for a spinoff series. In fact, it’s already been spoken about:

“Michael and Bryan had called me and asked me about playing the character and walked me through what they were thinking, part of the discussion at that time was ‘Anansi Boys,’ and that they wanted to spin it off and pursue that character… If there is a spin-off of any kind, I’d love to do it. I love this character. I love these writers. I’ve been fortunate that this is one of the most exciting and incredible experiences I’ve been able to do as an actor, and I’ll continue for as long as I possibly can.”

American Gods release date

Deadline has confirmed that American Gods will debut on Starz, over in the USA, on Sunday the 30th of April of 2017. Amazon Prime has the UK rights, and will be airing episodes weekly from the 1st of May.

More as we have it.

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