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Old games! Everyone loves old games. But you can’t play old games without a classic games console to go with them. Shh. No. Don’t mention ports or remakes or downloads. Go with me here. 

There’s something undeniably cool about having a retro gaming system on your shelf, and some of those old pixelated games are still very fun to play. Multiplayer ones are particularly great for social gatherings, if you’re into that sort of thing.

So, if you’d like to bring some classic consoles back into your home (or maybe play one for the first time, if you’re a young ‘un), read on to find out what our chums at Amazon have to offer…

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Atari 2600

The Atari VCS, later known as the Atari 2600, was a first games console for many back in the day. It originally hit the market in 1977. Its biggest games included PacMan and Asteroids, and it’s got a lovely wooden finish.

If you’d like to add one to your collection, Amazon is the place to look. You can buy one now for £59.99 second hand, or £250 brand new.

Mini NES and actual NES

The Nintendo Entertainment System, aka the NES, was a staple in many a geek’s childhood. It was also Nintendo’s first home console. The system, which came out in 1983, revolutionised the industry, introducing the concept of third-party developers creating the games. Thanks for that one, NES!

If you want to see this beauty back in your living room, Amazon offers two options: you can either buy a proper original one (the cheapest second hand price at the time of writing is £64.99) or you can buy a NES Mini – a downsized remaster of the classic, which features 30 pre-installed games – for £118 brand new. The NES Mini is also eligible for Prime next-day delivery.


The Super Nintendo Entertainment System, aka the SNES, followed on in 1990. It went on to become the best-selling console of the 16-bit era. Again, if you want to reintroduce this lovely piece of kit to your home, or perhaps pick one up for the first time, Amazon has multiple options for you.

You can buy a console on its own, with the lowest second hand price currently being £63.44, or you can buy a snazzy Super Mario Bros version, which includes four games, for prices starting at £82.97.

You can also buy a Super Game Boy (prices start at £10), which lets you play Game Boy games up on your TV using the SNES controllers.

Game Boy / Game Boy Color

Speaking of Game Boys, the iconic grey-with-pink-buttons version from 1989 is also available on Amazon. You can buy one now by following this link. The pre-owned prices start at £25.87 (at the time of writing), and you’ll find plentiful games to go with it in that handy ‘Customers who bought this item also bought’ section.

You could also buy yourself a Game Boy Color on Amazon, if you wanted. Prices for a pre-owned purple one (obviously the best iteration) currently start at £29.98. You can click here to go to the product page. If you’re planning to play it on long journeys into the night, you might want to order a light pack to go with it. Ah, those good old days before backlit screens became the norm.

Neo Geo X

This one’s a bit of a cheat. But since there doesn’t seem to be any classic Neo Geo consoles on Amazon, this modern retooling of the old system is as close as you’re going to get. With the Neo Geo X, You can play loads of arcade-style games from the original Neo Geo MVS console from 1990. 20 of them are pre-loaded on the device.

If you like, you can buy one now for of £405. It comes with a joystick for an extra retro touch, but yeah, that still feels a little steep.

Sega Master System

This third-generation Sega console is a bit of a niche buy, since the Mega Drive (which we’ll get to shortly) arguably made a much bigger splash, at least here in the UK. But still, a classic gaming completist will want this gem from 1985 in their collection. You can buy buy a Master System now, second hand, for £34.99. If you look in the related items, you’ll find numerous Sonic games.

Game Gear

In 1990, Sega released the Game Gear handheld console, which is essentially a Master System you can carry around in your pocket (if you have quite large pockets). This gorgeous grey handheld was a large part of this writer’s childhood, although the screen on our one was very dodgy. Presumably, that wasn’t the case for all of them. Today, Amazon is still stocking Game Gears, and you can pick up a pre-owned one for £55.

Sega Mega Drive / Sega Genesis

Sing it with me now: Seeeeegaaaaaaa! The Sega Mega Drive (known as the Sega Genesis across the pond) is the console that brought great games like Sonic The Hedgehog, Altered Beast and ToeJam And Earl into many a home. It wasn’t the first or last Sega console, but it’s definitely the most iconic.

As usual, there are multiple options on Amazon. The version pictured above could be yours, second hand, at the price of £29.99. Or you could buy a modern, revamped version with wireless controllers – which comes with 80 built-in games, including Sonic and Mortal Kombat – for £48.73 brand new. That one comes with Prime delivery.

Sega Saturn/Dreamcast

After the Mega Drive came the Saturn, which didn’t earn as much love around the globe (not least because one of its biggest games, Sonic X-Treme, got cancelled). But still, the console has some things going for it. The fact it runs on CD-Roms was a first for Sega at the time, for example. And it still sold 9.6 million units despite being deemed a flop. You can buy your own one today, second hand, for £62.16.

And if you want your collection of little-loved Sega consoles to be complete, you’ll want to
check out the product page for the Sega Dreamcast as well. Second hand ones are currently going for £44.99.

Nintendo 64

It makes me feel very old, the thought of including the Nintendo 64 in an article about classic or retro consoles. Perhaps that’s because it’s still so playable, with Mario Kart 64, GoldenEye 007 and Pokemon Stadium games still serving as semi-regular features in my so-called social life. Admittedly, though, it has been over 20 years since the N64 came out, and Nintendo has reinvented the wheel a couple of times since then.

If you want to get the N64 in your life, and remember those simpler days, Amazon has a few options. Second hand grey ones are going for £39.99, cool blue ones are priced at £82.95 and up, and prices for Pikachu-emblazoned ones start at £87.71.


The PlayStation is even older than the N64, so now that I’ve included that I’ve written myself into a bit of a corner. But FIFA 2000, in which you could still dive and foul the goalkeeper, simply doesn’t feel old enough to be a retro game. It is, though, of course. And if you fancy booting up a PS1 again and playing classics like that, the console prices on Amazon start at just £22.75.

If you do buy one of these, I’d heartily recommend Spider-Man and its sequel Enter Electro. Cracking superhero games, those, and both priced at under a tenner.

Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to crawl back into my cave and lament how everything from my childhood is now retro nostalgia fuel rather than the cutting edge of cool. Who knew a quick trip down memory lane would make me feel so old? Sob…

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