Doctor Who series 10: Michelle Gomez is leaving

Speaking to Digital Spy, Michelle Gomez has confirmed that she will be leaving Doctor Who after series ten, with no current plans to return to the role of Missy.

“Never say never,” said Gomez, “I’m sure in a couple of years’ time, the urge to blow things up will just be too strong and Missy will come in guns blazing! But at the moment, it just feels like this is the end of an era – there may be something in the future but at the moment, I feel like this is the end of a chapter.”

I don’t know how I’d feel about being The Master to any other Doctor, because I feel like I’m part of Peter’s time,” Gomez told Digital Spy, “My guys, my lads, Missy’s men – they’re all moving on!”

We can expect to see Gomez appear shortly in the current series, about which she had a few other things to say in the original interview for those who want to go looking.

Ta-ra then, Missy. You were mad, bad and definitely dangerous for the Doctor to know…

Doctor Who series 10: next episode

Next up is Doctor Who series 10 episode 6, which is going by the title Extremis.

It was written by showrunner Steven Moffat and directed by Daniel Nettheim (The Zygon Invasion/Inversion). It’s the first part of a three-part story, we’ve been led to believe.

We’ve just added a big pile of images from the episode to the gallery atop this page.

Here are a couple of trailers for the episode…

Here’s a clip…

And here’s the synopsis…

In the Haereticum – the Vatican’s secret library of blasphemy – there is an ancient book known only as The Veritas. Throughout history, anyone who has ever read it has immediately taken their own life. Now a new translation is online, and the danger is spreading. The Vatican appeals to the Doctor. Will he read The Veritas? But can even the Doctor survive the ultimate truth?

Doctor Who series 10 vault

What’s in the vault? It’s one of the big questions surrounding Doctor Who series 10. We’ve found out today that, thankfully, this won’t be one of those times when we have to wait a whole series to get an answer. 

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine teases that the contents of the vault will be revealed around the halfway point of the series, in episode 6. That’s the next episode, folks!

“It’s the absolute classic mystery, isn’t it?” Moffat told the mag. “It’s the locked door. It’s the simplest thing I could do – the Doctor’s got a locked door – but it’s instantly fascinating. I mean, you’d only have to be staying in someone’s house for a while and realise that one of the doors is locked to become impossibly curious about what’s in there. That’s human nature. There is something perfectly fascinating about a locked door.

“And we don’t have to wait a whole 12 episodes to find out what’s in there, which I think is important, or you’d go mad.” Thank heavens for that.

We’ll bring you more news as we hear it. And we’ve got loads of extra info nuggets across the other pages of this article…

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