Dredd heading to 4K

It’s a small thing, but for those still flying the flag for 2012’s Dredd movie, every little helps.

For as it turns out, it’s in the first couple of hundred films to make its way to the fledgling Ultra HD 4K Blu-ray. We’ve got Lionsgate in the US to thank for that. The firm hardly did a sterling job selling the movie on its original release in the States, but it’s announced the 4K disc version – perhaps as a nod to the following the Dredd has enjoyed on home formats – for release in early June.

Sadly, this is a US-only release. The rights to Dredd are held by Entertainment in the UK, and that’s a company that’s not committed to the Ultra HD 4K Blu-ray format. At least, not yet. However, the brighter news is that there’s no region coding on 4K discs, and the relatively low $23 list price for the release should make it an affordable import. Here’s the cover for the release…

Lionsgate, in the same announcement, has revealed it’s releasing an Ultra HD 4K Blu-ray of Ex Machina too, to which it owns the US rights. In the UK, those rights lie with Universal, one of the most committed studios behind the format thus far. Fingers crossed that the disc makes it over here…

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