Justice League: new set photo shows Jason Momoa's Aquaman

Next year’s DC Comics superhero-strewn mega-movie attempt Justice League will, among other things, look to alter the typically derisive public perception of Aquaman with Jason Momoa’s new version. While he certainly looks every bit the angry ocean warlord who would rip your head off if you offered him fish sticks, it seems that Momoa himself is avoiding the method acting approach, playing things chill when the cameras stop rolling, evidenced by the latest on-set photo.

Justice League director Zack Snyder, hard at work shooting the film in London took a moment to show some of the levity that goes on during the production. Via Twitter, Synder posted a photo of a still-badass-looking, but not at all angry Jason Momoa in full armoured Aquaman costume, putting on an impromptu jam session, along with a caption stating that, “Every day on set is an amazing adventure with this guy.”

Certainly, the photo gives the impression that Aquaman has temporarily traded his trident for a twanger. Whether or not he indulges any obligatory requests for ‘Free Bird’ from the enamored onlookers of grips and caterers remains to be seen. 

While Momoa’s Aquaman was briefly seen this past March in Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, we will likely have to wait until the autumn of 2017 to see his proper debut. As evidenced from his ultra-awkward encounter with Bruce Wayne in the Justice League Comic-Con teaser trailer, it should be explosive. Of course, the character, also the prince of Atlantis, could conceivably surprise us and cameo in the 1920’s-set next DC Extended Universe film entry Wonder Woman in June 2017. However, that’s just speculation at this point.

Justice League, which will feature Aquaman wielding his proper instrument to combat evil, heads to cinemas on November 17th 2017.

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