Justice League villain finally revealed

A spoiler for the identity of Justice League’s villain lies ahead.

We’re just over seven months away from the release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League movie, and we’ve finally found out just who the assembled collective of DC superheroes will be fighting.

As it turns out, it’s the character of Steppenwolf, who will be played by Ciaran Hinds in the new film. Motion capture is being used to realise Steppenwolf, and Hinds told The Independent that the character is “old, tired, still trying to get out of his own enslavement to Darkseid… he has to keep on this line to try and take over worlds”.

As you do. There’s still Darkseid festering in there too, and presumably the Justice League will have another battle on their hands once Steppenwolf is dealt with…

Here’s the latest trailer for the film…

To see all the posters and images from Justice League thus far, click or tap on the gallery icon above and they’ll load up nice and big. 

Justice League release date

Justice League reaches British and American cinemas on Friday 17th November 2017. 

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