Kong: Skull Island – see the film's incredible concept art

Kong: Skull Island is out in the wild, and if you’ve had a chance to go out and catch the irreverent monster mash at your local cinema you’ll know that – love it or hate it – it looks absolutely spectacular.

Nearly every frame is artistically impressive in its composition and it turns out that it’s no accident, as it appears that director Jordan Vogt-Roberts stuck pretty closely to designer Eddie Del Rio’s original concept art for the movie, which is actually fairly unusual.

Del Rio’s art has now made it’s way online, and we’ve added some of it to our Kong: Skull Island gallery, which you can fire up by clicking the main image above. Fascinatingly, a lot of the details and colours also seem to have made the transition, so Del Rio had quite a lot of influence on how the final film looked.

Here are just a few of our favourites from the collection:

And you can take a look at a lot more of Del Rio’s jaw-droppingly great concept art on his website here.

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