OSVR HDK Screen Upgrade Kit Launches For $220

OSVR HDK Screen Upgrade Kit

OSVR virtual reality headset users that have been patiently waiting for the new 2160 × 1200 OSVR HDK Screen Upgrade Kit to be made available, will be pleased to know that it is now listed on the official OSVR Store priced at $220.

The new kist allows you to easily upgrade your existing OSVR HDK 1.3 or 1.4 to the latest 2160 x 1200 90 Hz OLED technology and the kit provides all the parts you need to seamlessly upgrade.

OSVR HDK Upgrade

Included in the kit is :

– Dual 1080×1200 90 Hz low-persistence OLED screens, pre-assembled with matching drive electronics and mounting plate
– Mechanical adapter

The kit already has the latest HDK firmware pre-installed on it, as well as updated orientation tracker firmware that improves performance.

OSVR HDK Screen Upgrade Kit

Full instructions and notes can be read over on the official OSVR store via the link below.

Source: Store : Road 2 VR

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