Power Rangers movie concept art surfaces

When the suits for the Power Rangers movie were first unveiled, the word controversial doesn’t quite cover it. Some fans liked them, a few were lukewarm, but as with any update there was of course some outrage from longtime fans. You have to wonder what the reaction had been like if the concept art suits had become the final design.

Thanks to Maurico Ruiz and io9, we’ve got a look at what the movie suits could have looked like. For one thing, they really played up the alien aspect of the costumes. Obviously these are just rough concept art and were just a place to get started with the designs, but it’s fascinating to wonder where the movie would have gone if the Rangers had kept this look. We are kind of glad the puffy cheek design didn’t stick around for long.

We’ve also got concept art for the Zords as well…

Unlike the movie’s designs, which also felt very alien, these seem more mechanical. The triceratops and mastodon Zords especially look more like their TV counterparts. They also don’t have a zillion extra legs, which lead to the movie mastadon Zord being nicknamed the ‘Spider-don Tank’.

It’s fascinating to see how the designs evolved over the course of production and how the story of the movie influenced the designs. If you’d like to see more, check out Maurico Ruiz’s Aststation page here.

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