Star Wars: Rogue One – toy images reveal two new characters

A new Star Wars film wouldn’t be the same without an entire mountain of tie-in toys, and true to form, Hasbro has a range of action figures and other stuff ready ahead of this year’s Rogue One.

As broken by Jedi Temple Archives, one or two of the figures for the forthcoming spin-off reveal some nifty bits of information about Rogue One‘s characters – both of whom fight for the Rebels.

First up, there’s a character called Moroff, who’s best described as a Wompa (one of those big Yeti-like creatures from Hoth) crossed with Chewbacca. He comes packaged with a Scarif Stormtrooper (Scarif being the tropical planet we keep seeing in the trailers), and Moroff makes the Empire drone look very small and puny indeed. 

Next, there’s Commander Pao, a lizard-faced fellow decked out in drab combat armour and clad in a cool-looking hat. As Twitter user Yakface has pointed out, Pao made a very brief appearance in the Rogue One reel that was shown off at this year’s Star Wars Celebration. 

The big question is, inevitably, whether either of these characters will have anything more than a walk-on role in Rogue One. The figures are part of the first wave of toys scheduled for release on the 30th September (or Rogue Friday), which leaves us with an alarming sense of deja-vu. One of the first figures released for The Force Awakens was Constable Zuvio, a character who proved to be so incidental to the plot that we still haven’t seen his scene, which was cut out of the theatrical version of the film. 

Our Constable Zuvio figure’s still sitting on our office shelf, looking like a guy who wants to fire his agent.

You can see more images of Hasbro’s Rogue One toys here.

Star Wars: Rogue One release date

Rogue One will reach British and American cinemas on Friday 16th December 2016. The running time hasn’t been confirmed yet.

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