The Predator adds Jake Busey to its cast

In 1990, actor Gary Busey appeared in Predator 2 as covert agent Peter Keyes, who thought it was a brilliant idea to use the Predator as a military tool. Foolish, Keyes, foolish.

Now, his son Jake has climbed aboard new sequel The Predator in an unknown role – but since its director Shane Black has often been a little bit vague about the timeline of this one, wouldn’t it make some kinda sense if he was playing a younger version of his father’s part somehow? The two don’t look entirely un-alike, afterall.

Ah, you’re right, this is no time for speculation. 

Jake Busey has a habit of popping up when you least expect him, and nearly everyone tends to have an “oh, him!” film stored away in the old memory palace as their go-to Busey reference, whether it was from his turn as Ace in Starship Troopers, as Johnny Bartlett in The Frighteners, or as Tarkin in Most Likely To Die.

We’ve used a picture of Busey as an evangelical terrorist in the underrated Hitler-based radio signal sci-fi classic Contact here, mainly because it always makes us laugh. He’s a bit older than this now, mind.

More as we have it. In the meantime, click on to page 2 for everything we know about the film so far.

The Predator release date

Now that 20th Century Fox has been shuffling some release dates around, The Predator has landed itself a new one. That means it’s now slated for February 9th, 2018 instead of the previously announced March 2nd. Shane Black has promised us this one will be rated R…

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