Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi has filmed his Doctor's death

Doctor Who series 10 regeneration

Here’s an interesting one: despite the fact we’ve been told he’ll appear in Doctor Who‘s 2017 Christmas special, Peter Capaldi claims he’s already filmed the death of his Doctor.

But how can this be, considering that they haven’t even started on the Christmas special yet? They’ve only just finished filming series 10, which – as far as we know – takes place before the festive episode. It’s a bit of a mystery, this one.

The source of the story is The Sydney Morning Herald, who started an interview article with Capaldi like this… 

Peter Capaldi has just died.

“I did it the other day,” he says.

How was it?

“It was a strange day. It was explosive. He goes out a fighter.”

Our best guess for what this means? Um… what if Capaldi’s Doctor receives the fatal blow (whatever it might be, this time around) in the closing moments of series 10, and begins regenerating. But the process is a bit tricky this time, and the series ends with the Doctor flickering between his current face and the next one. 

That’s just mindless speculation on my part, but doing something like this could pave the way for a really interesting Christmas special, with a proper handover between the old Doctor and the new, and the old showrunner and the new, taking place across a full episode rather than just the final minute. 

Indeed, Peter Capaldi has already teased that his regeneration won’t be one of the simple ones…

“There’s this notion now that it’s the same process he’s gone through every time, and that’s not true”, he told The New York Times recently. “It’s only the last couple of regenerations that have been, as it were, fairly straightforward ones. I can’t go into the details of a lot of it, because I know what happens, but I don’t know how it happens.”

Capaldi also touched upon his reasoning behind leaving the show at this point:

“They asked me to stay on. And I love this show. But I began to get worried about my capacity to deliver my best work. The schedule is very intense, and I began to wonder, how many different ways can I find to say, “The time vortex is going to open up and destroy the entire universe as we know it, unless we blow up that model spaceship over there”? It concerned me that if I did more, yes, I’d be able to do it, but I’d just be phoning it in. And I didn’t ever want to be in that situation.”

We’ll keep you posted as we hear more on this one. Feel free to leave your own theories in the comments!

Doctor Who series 10 filming

This follows the news that filming has wrapped on series 10 of the sci-fi spectacular, Steven Moffat and Peter Capaldi’s final full series as the helm. 

The BBC broke the news with this clapperboard snap… 

The Sunday Times (via CultBox) reports that the crew will reassemble in July to shoot the 2017 Christmas special, which will feature Capaldi’s final scenes as the Doctor. (Or, at least, that’s what we’ve been told!)

Doctor Who series 10 release date

Doctor Who series 10 will premiere on BBC One, here in the UK, on Saturday the 15th of April 2017 at 7.20pm.

Over in the USA, Entertainment Weekly reports, the first episode of series 10 will arrive on BBC America on the very same day, and will be followed by the American premiere of the spinoff series Class.

We’ll bring you more news as we hear it. And we’ve got loads of extra info nuggets across the other pages of this article…

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