Fear The Walking Dead season 3: what we know so far

Fear The Walking Dead, the post-apocalyptic companion series to The Walking Dead, will be returning AMC later this year, and spoilers have certainly been thin on the ground thus far. 

Although the ratings weren’t ideal for the network during the show’s second season run, we’ll be getting an even longer third season this time.

Here’s everything we know so far…

Fear The Walking Dead season 3 air date

AMC has not announced a release date for Fear The Walking Dead season 3, but we can make an educated guess as to when the show will return in 2017.

While the first season premiered in August and led into The Walking Dead season 6, Fear The Walking Dead season 2 premiered on April 10, 2016 due to its extended season. Since The Walking Dead has traditionally aired its season finales in March or April, that means Fear The Walking Dead could premiere in April 2017 if it keeps to its current schedule. 

Fear The Walking Dead season 3 cast

All of the regular cast members are expected to return for Fear The Walking Dead season 3. 

TV Line reports that Buffy The Vampire Slayer alumna Emma Caulfield has also been cast in a mystery role. It’s unclear whether she’ll be playing a recurring role or is just a guest star in the zombie drama. AMC confirmed the casting, but did not reveal who Caulfield is playing. 

Fear The Walking Dead season 3 story

Danay Garcia, who plays Lucy in Fear The Walking Deaddished to Inverse about what fans can expect next year. The actress talked a bit about her character’s state of mind going into season 3, and after her former leader, Alejandro, was revealed to be a liar, Lucy is clearly shaken in her faith.

“I’m really curious to see how [the show] is going to explore my trust and what I’m going to do about it,” Garcia said. “My whole life was built around my faith and what was told to me. When I realised that it was a lie, in spite of the fact it worked, it doesn’t take out that it was a lie. It’s a trap.”

Of course, Lucy found herself in another trap by the end of season 2, when she was shot and captured by a vigilante group at the U.S. border. Garcia spoke about this briefly.

“In Season 2, I was the local,” says García. “The Americans were the foreigners. Now [in Season 3] we switch roles. I have to follow somebody else’s rules. It will be interesting. That’s something that every immigrant goes through.”

Indeed, Fear The Walking Dead has, in part, been a commentary on issues of immigration, and season 3 looks like it’ll have an even bigger emphasis on this.

Fear The Walking Dead season 3 episodes

Fear The Walking Dead season 3 will consist of 16 episodes to premiere sometime in 2017.

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