Guardians Of The Galaxy: all the LEGO sets

Fancy picking up an awesome mix of bricks? LEGO and Marvel has been a brilliant combination for quite some time now, and the release of James Gunn’s spacefaring sequel Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 has been met with a new range of brick-based products. Plus, some tie-ins from the first film are still available as well.

Read on to see all of the Guardians LEGO kits – featuring Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord, Dave Bautista’s Drax, Zoe Saldana’s Gamora, Vin Diesel’s Groot, Bradley Cooper/Sean Gunn’s Rocket Raccoon, Michael Rooker’s Yondu, Karen Gillan’s Nebula, and more – that our chums at Amazon are selling right now…

The Milano Vs The Abilisk

Drax jumping knives-first into the mouth of a giant space monster is one of many incredibly eye-catching moments in the trailers for Vol. 2. And, long before the film came out, this LEGO kit let us know what that tentacled beasty is called: The Abilisk.

You can recrate that fun moment here, since Drax is included in the set as well as the pink menace itself. You also get Minifigures of Nebula, Gamora, Star-Lord and Baby Groot. There’s also a lovely recreation of the central Milano spacecraft, complete with projectile disc thingies. The whole kit is made up of 460 pieces.

Buy The Milano Vs The Abilisk for £39.99.

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Knowhere Escape Mission

This one’s an absolute gem. It’s one of the sets from the first Guardians Of The Galaxy movie, which allows you to build and relive the eponymous gang’s escape from Knowhere. You get a big Groot figure, along with Rocket, Nebula and one of Ronan’s Sakaaran goons. There’s also a tower and a couple of guns to build, as well as one of those circular mining ships.

The ship has deployable bombs, a cockpit that opens, and a big grabbing claw. The kit consists of 433 pieces in total. Admit it, you need both sizes of Groot in your collection.

Buy the Knowhere Escape Mission for £46.08.

Ayesha’s Revenge

Okay, I’ve not seen Vol. 2 at the time of writing, so I have no idea if this relates to an actual scene or not. But still, this tie-in set is pretty cool. It shows Elizabeth Debicki’s Ayesha (the golden woman from the trailers) locked in a conflict against Baby Groot, Star-Lord and a very cheerful-looking Yondu. (Finally, some Michael Rooker LEGO!)

There is also two ships to build. Yondu’s lovely yellow number, and Ayesha’s golden one. They both have weapons that actually fire, which should be fun, until you lose the projectiles under the sofa. The set is made up of 323 pieces.

Buy Ayesha’s Revenge for £24.97.

Starblaster Showdown

Back to Vol. 1 for a minute. This set pertains to the first Guardians film’s final battle above Xandar. It’s a small kit, at just 196 pieces, but it allows you to build both a Sakaaran spaceship and a Nova Corps ‘Starblaster.’ As well as generic pilots for each of those ships (optional: pretend the Nova one is Peter Serafinowicz), you also get a Star-Lord Minifigure.

Hardcore fans will surely buy hundreds of these kits, in order to knit all the Starblasters together into a defensive wall thingy.

Buy the Starblaster Showdown for £39.83.

Ravager Attack

Another lovely Vol. 2 kit here. This one depicts a scuffle betwixt Chris Sullivan’s Ravager character Taserface, Bradley Cooper’s Rocket Raccoon, and the new Guardian Mantis (played by Pom Klementieff). Rocket has two guns, Taserface has a ship that fires projectiles, and Mantis willl have to use that big gun off to the side.

Again, I’ve no clue if this actually fits into the film at all, but it sure looks like a fun little kit. It’s only got 197 pieces, so it shouldn’t be too tough a build.

Buy the Ravager Attack for £19.99.

The Milano Spaceship Rescue

Here’s the first film’s LEGO version of The Milano. It’s a bit bigger than the Vol. 2 edition, weighing in at 665 pieces. As well as the ship itself (which was named after Peter Quill’s childhood crush, Alyssa Milano, fact fans!), you also get a little Necrocraft for the baddies, with projectiles that fire and a cockpit that opens.

The Minifigures that come with this one are Star-Lord, Drax, Gamora, a Sakaaran, and Ronan (complete with his staff/hammer thingy).

Buy The Milano Spaceship Rescure for £112.96.

Various Individual Characters

Alternatively, if there isn’t room on your shelf for a spaceship, you might fancy picking up some individual characters instead of a whole set.

Gamora is going for £9.99. Star-Lord will cost you £20. Regular sized Groot is priced at £25.52, while a tiny Baby Groot will set you back £12.99. You could pick up Rocket Raccoon (pictured, looking a bit glum) for £15.84. Or how about an angry-looking Drax for £9.99?

There’s also Nebula, for £11.94, and Ronan, for £14.99

Honourable mention: Avenjet Space Mission

Okay, technically, this isn’t a Guardians set. But it is a scene in space containing Thanos, which is close enough for me.

I’ve opted to mention the Avenjet Space Mission here because I love how barmy it is: as well as Josh Brolin’s Mad Titan floating around on a chair, you also get a space jet, and Minifigures of space Iron Man, space Captain America, Captain Marvel, and the obscure comic book villain Hyperion. Who wouldn’t want to build that scene?!

The Avenjet Space Mission – which consists of 523 pieces – could be yours for £40. Why not combine it with some Guardians figures to imagine what Infinity War will look like?

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