Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2: post-credits explained

Like most Marvel movies, Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 offers a reward for those who sit through the credits, although unlike other movies it’s really dialled up to 11. You can see not one, not two, but five separate scenes. But what do they spell out for the future of the Guardians and the MCU as a whole? If you want to know, keep reading.

Spoilers lie ahead…

Post-Credits 1

Kraglin (played by Sean Gunn, who also does Rocket’s on-set performance) wears Yondu’s fin, whistling in an attempt to control Yondu’s lethal arrow. After some tentative movements, the arrow flies around the corner and impales Drax in the neck. He screams a lot, and Kraglin sneaks off.

What does it mean?

We suspect this one’s just here for the laughs. Perhaps it means Kraglin will be back in the third volume (given that he’s related to the director you can almost count on it) but it’s not really saying anything more.

Post-Credits 2

In the wake of Yondu’s funeral, Sylvester Stallone’s character Stakar Ogord (aka Starhawk) addresses the other Ravager captains, saying that they’ve been apart too long and that they should reunite.

What does it mean?

Those other captains, in case you don’t recognise them, are mostly characters who made up the original Guardians of the Galaxy team in the comics (of which Yondu was one). Notably, Ving Rhames is playing Charlie-27, Michelle Yeoh is playing Aleta Ogord, and Michael Rosenbaum is playing Martinex T’Naga.

While this could just be a nod to the original Guardians team, assembled by Starhawk and long-supplanted by the modern incarnation (who use the name but share no members), it does also suggest that Guardians Vol. 3 will include the Ravagers again, but as a more formidable force now that the factions have reunited.

Post-Credits 3

Ayesha of the Sovereign notes their failure to recapture the Guardians and exacting revenge will be seen as a major failing by the rest of her council. As a result, she’s created a new being to take on the job of capturing them. Musing on a large, golden incubation pod, she declares “I think I shall call him Adam.”

What does it mean?

Inside that there pod is Adam Warlock, a character who was teased as an easter egg in the first movie but who is now virtually guaranteed to make an appearance in the MCU somewhere down the line.

Originally known as ‘Him’ (Ayesha is the ‘Her’ in that relationship) Adam Warlock is a messianic being whose most prominent role in the Marvel Universe is as the benevolent collector and Guardian of Infinity stones. He’s Thanos’ nemesis and most importantly, he’s the guy who – in the comics at least – possessed the Soul Gem, which is the one Infinity Stone that hasn’t been seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe yet. His sometime sidekick, Pip the Troll, has allegedly been cast in Avengers: Infinity War.

All of which points to a fairly major chance that Adam Warlock is going to appear in the next Avengers film. We wouldn’t be surprised.

Post-Credits 4

Star-Lord walks in on a now Teen (Tree-n?) Groot, and rants at him to tidy his room while Groot rolls his eyes, remaining focused on his computer game.

What does it mean?

Broadly speaking, you can expect to see Groot grown up again by the time of his next appearance in the MCU. While it’s possible you’ll see Groot as a moody teenager throughout Infinity War, until and unless we hear otherwise, we’re betting it’ll be back to Classic Groot if/when he turns up on Earth.

Post-Credits 5

In a redux of a scene from earlier in the movie, the Watchers, who are assembled around Stan Lee, slowly sidle away as they become bored of his anecdotes. Stan pleads for them to come back, saying “I’ve still got more stories to tell!”

What does it mean?

This one is definitely 100% joke, though along with their other scene, it does make the Watchers canon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Check out our Unanswered questions about Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 for more on who and what they are…

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