Logan now arriving in the UK in February

We’re becoming increasingly used in the UK to getting comic book movies a few days, sometimes even a week or two of their US release. And it’s set to happen again with Logan.

Whilst the new – and final – Wolverine movie is listed for US release on March 4th, it’s been known for a while that UK screenings were set to begin on March 2nd. However, we’ve discovered this morning that Logan is actually set for release in the UK now on February 28th.

There’s a slight caveat. Lots of UK cinema chains are taking pre-bookings for Logan on that date, but it seems these screenings all start around 10 in the evening. Specifically, at 10.23pm. X-23, then.

There’s no sign that it’s a double screening or anything, and thus Logan looks like it’ll start screening just an hour or so before March begins. But it does point to the fact that in the UK at least, the film is now getting the latest possible February release.

Regular screenings start from March 1st, too. Most seem to be pointing towards a 140 minute running time, but that’s far from confirmed.

Here’s the recent trailer…

Here’s the synopsis that was revealed by Hugh Jackman…

As for the new images? Click on the gallery above to fire them up. Here’s one of them right here…

Logan release date

The third Wolverine movie – Logan – is due in cinemas in March 2017. It’s set to reach the UK on March 2nd, and the USA on March 3rd.

Fox’s Simon Kinberg recently revealed to Collider that this will be “an R-rated movie. It’s violent, it’s kind of like a western in its tone. It’s just a very cool, different film”.

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