Orphan Black season 5: wedding teased in new promo footage

Warning! If you’re sensitive to spoilers, what follows here could be considered a major one, as the Orphan Black Twitter account has been dishing up a few bits and bobs ahead of the season premiere.

It turns out that sneaky BBC America slipped a bit of new footage into one of their promos for the fifth (and last) season of Orphan Black, and here comes the spoiler squirrel so you’ve got time to duck out…

Alright, here are the glimpses from the new season, as promised:

No, you’re crying. We’re not crying. You’re crying. Just…pass us the tissues, okay?

We can only hope there isn’t a cruel twist coming later, because this footage very much infers that Cosima and Delphine are heading for a wedding. We would very much love to see things work out for sestra Cosima after what she’s been through, and this is painfully romantic. After thinking her oft-duplicitous French girlfriend was, y’know, dead for basically an entire season, it’d be great for the couple to finally get a break ahead of those final episodes.

In the other tease, there, we can see Sarah and Rachel not exactly on the best of terms – but to be fair, what else is new?

Elsewhere in Orphan Black-o-sphere, there’s also a new synopsis for the fifth season, and here it is:

“This season, the walls close in on Sarah when nearly all her sestras and their allies are brought to heel by Rachel. Even more harrowing is that her daughter Kira has joined them. With the threat of Neolution having carte blanche access to clone biology, Sarah is desperate to gain control, but realises she must change tactics to pursue a long game. Protecting both her families, and the host of clones she’s yet to meet, Sarah and those still fighting the fight will uncover the missing pieces of the insidious conspiracy – and finally learn the story behind their origin. Despite the great risk, the fight of her life will either set her and her sestras free, or see them meet their end…”

This is all too much for us. Roll on, June.

More as we have it.

Orphan Black season 5 release date

The Orphan Black season 5 air date has officially been set for Saturday the 10th of June. (It was originally slated for April, but seems to have been pushed back.)

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