Power Rangers Blu-ray/DVD release date and special features

It’s morphin time! 

Sorry, sorry, we’re just hearing through the earpiece that it is not in fact morphin time – but rest assured that we do know when it will be.

Yep, you can get your hands on the Blu-ray or DVD release of Saban and Lionsgate’s big screen Power Rangers outing from America on the 27th of June, if you brush off potential customs charges as merely a flesh wound and have unlocked the hell out of your player. If not, you’ll have to wait for the UK release date on the 24th of July with the rest of us.

Here’s a look at the cover:

And if it’s extra content you’re after, the home release of Power Rangers has got you covered with a veritable butt-load of special features. Here are the details…

Audio commentary with director Dean Israelite and writer John Gatins

9-part The Power Of The Present documentary:

– Rangers Then To Now

– Building The Team

– Beyond The Rangers

– Suiting Up

– Rangers

– Welcome To Training

– Rangers In The Wild

– It’s Morphin Time

– Power Ballad: Music and Sound

– This is Your Destiny

Deleted, alternate, and extended scenes


Theatrical trailer with optional commentary by Israelite

That’s your lot.

Feel free to flick over to page 2 of our Power Rangers base now for trailers, images and some excellent toy details, along with all the other cool stuff we found along the way.

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