Star Wars Rebels season 3: finale trailer

Rob Leane

Mar 20, 2017

Grand Admiral Thrawn is causing trouble in the trailer for Star Wars Rebels' season 3 finale…

Star Wars Rebels season 3 trailer

Here’s the trailer for part one of Zero Hour, the two-part finale of Star Wars Rebels season 3, which will air on Disney XD this coming weekend…

More news as we hear it.

Star Wars Rebels season 3: Darth Maul Vs Obi-Wan

Obi-Wan Kenobi made a big comeback recently, in Twin Suns, the 20th episode of Star Wars Rebels season 3. He finally had a grudge match against Darth Maul, on the sands of Tatooine.

Of course, the pair have previously fought in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace and many episodes of The Clone Wars (where Maul was brought back with robotic legs).

Interestingly, we’re hearing today that Darth Maul was originally going to meet his match in the season 2 finale of Rebels. The writers didn’t originally plan to bring Maul back again and face him off against Obi-Wan.

“Originally, Maul perished in the season two finale where he returned. It was a one-off appearance,” Rebels showrunner Dave Filoni told io9. “So originally in that episode you were gonna get Vader fighting Maul, Vader would have killed Maul, and then fought Ahsoka.”

“It just became unwieldy,” Filoni added, explaining the decision not to kill Maul in season 2. “It’s more of a fan fiction fun thought that they fought. The emotional drama was really between Vader and Ahsoka. So we decided to let Maul live.”

And on the decision to let Obi-Wan fight Maul again, Filoni said this: “You always felt Obi-Wan had this great track record of taking out a Sith Lord in the past […] We wondered, [by bringing back Maul], did we rob him of what he was able to accomplish?”

Perhaps, this week, Obi-Wan will finally get to finish the job. He surely thought Maul was done for good after their fight on Naboo, but since he obviously isn’t, there could now be some serious closure on the cards.

Here’s the trailer for Twin Suns, which aired on Saturday the 18th of March…

Showrunner Dave Filoni has also explained the decision to bring Obi-Wan back to the animated realm.

“Everything has to make sense from a story standpoint, and if it makes sense and it’s valuable to the character’s past, then I don’t think you hesitate to do it,” Filoni told “I think you have to have a lot of good reasons when you do things and work it out, and you hope things work out as you imagined them and designed them.”

Filoni continued: “Certainly these characters aren’t foreign to me having worked here so long. So, I’m pretty confident when going into them what they’re about, but you do tread carefully because you can’t do it just because you’re trying to add something [to the guest star’s past]. I’ve always said, it’s the same thing with Ahsoka. It has to be valuable to Ezra. This experience, whatever it is, whatever form it takes, has to be valuable to the characters that are the center of Star Wars Rebels.”

“It’s not the most surprising thing to attempt to include Obi-Wan, and we’ve been, I think, pretty good”, he added. “The way we included him in the pilot of Rebels, I really liked because it was a way to have him without really interfering, and it spoke to a moment in time for the characters.

“So, obviously I’ve been very fortunate over the years when we do do these Legacy characters. James Arnold Taylor was playing him in Clone Wars brilliantly and did a fantastic job, and then brought that back in Rebels when he’s playing the Clone Wars era Obi-Wan. I have Stephen Stanton now, who’s portraying this particular, if that’s Obi-Wan (laughs), whoever it is.”

In closing, Filoni mentioned the “care and respect” he’s taking with Obi-Wan Kenobi, before noting that “you’re cautious when you do it, but if it makes sense for the story, it’s fine.”

Obi-Wan first reappeared in this midseason trailer…

Star Wars Rebels: Saw Gerrera joins the show

Forest Whitaker reprised his Rogue One role of Saw Gerrera in the season 3 midseason premiere of Star Wars Rebels, in a stoy set a couple of years before Gareth Edwards’ Death-Star-plans-themed ‘Star Wars Story’ movie. 

Here’s the teaser clip, followed by the featurette that broke the news…

And here’s a poster…

And Disney XD’s press team sent us this picture…

Saw Gerrera is a rebel insurgent who is sometimes termed a terrorist due to the extreme nature of his acts against the Empire. He was created by George Lucas for his never-actually-made live action TV series Underworld. He eventually showed up on screen in season 5 of The Clone Wars, where he was voiced by Andrew Kishino. And most of you will know by now that Forest Whitaker made his debut as Saw Gerrera in Rogue One. 

Since the current stories of Rebels take place some time before Rogue One, perhaps we’ll see here how Saw ended up running his resistance on Jedha, and why he needed to get robot legs at some point after appearing in The Clone Wars.

Whitaker made his Rebels debut in a two-part special entitled Ghosts Of Geonosis. It remains to be seen if/when he’ll come back for more episodes.

We’ve got some extra info on page 3 of this article, and we’ll keep you updated as we hear more.

Star Wars Rebels season 3 start date

Star Wars Rebels season 3 returned to Disney XD, in the USA, on Saturday the 24th of September. 

Star Wars Rebels season 3 villains

Before Disney bought Lucasfilm and rebooted the Star Wars Extended Universe canon, Grand Admiral Thrawn was one of the most popular characters in the franchise. Thrawn – who was created by Timothy Zahn for a trilogy of novels in the 1990s – is now making his big comeback in the new continuity.

He’ll debut in the new continuity in Star Wars Rebels season 3. Darth Maul will play a role again this year, too. And we’d expect Darth Vader to show up at some point, as per.

Star Wars Rebels season 3 cast

Tom Baker – still, for many, the Doctor – has nabbed a recurring role in Star Wars Rebels season 3. The Doctor Who legend was announced among the cast for the third season of Disney XD’s animated show at Star Wars Celebration London last year. confirmed the news online, letting fans who couldn’t make the event know that Mr Baker “is set to play the mysterious Bendu – a character that uses the Force but is neither Sith or Jedi.”

Rebels showrunner Dave Filoni is a big fan of Baker’s Who work, and described the geek icon as “bigger than life”. Bendu, Filoni promised, will make a “big difference” to the show.

Baker’s Bendu debuted in the first episode of Star Wars Rebels season 3. 

More Star Wars news as it happens.

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