Supergirl season 2: trailer for episode 18, Ace Reporter

Rob Leane

Mar 29, 2017

Supergirl season 2's 18th episode is entitled Ace Reporter. Here's the trailer…

Melissa Benoist’s Kara Zor-El/Supergirl is going on a little break now. She’ll return to American screens on Monday the 24th of April.

Here’s the trailer for Ace Reporter, the 18th episode of Supergirl season 2…

More news as we hear it.

Supergirl season 2 Superman

Here’s a clip of Tyler Hoechlin chatting about the fan reaction to his Superman debut…

Teen Wolf’s Tyler Hoechlin played Superman in the first two episodes of Supergirl season 2. An enthusiastic Andrew Kreisberg proclaimed that “Tyler is Superman. We are so thrilled and humbled to add another amazing actor to the legacy of this iconic character.”

Mr Hoechlin himself has spoken about taking on DC’s utterly iconic Man Of Steel, too. “I never try to compare and contrast performances”, he told MailOnline when they asked how his Kal-El compares to Henry Cavill’s version, “because it’s such an iconic character already […] Superman is Superman so I’m just going to try to carry on the tradition of that and play that part”

“I think the fun is going to be finding where Clark Kent is in this world”, he added, confirming that we’ll get to see Superman in his civilian gear as well as his cape and exterior underpants. “I’m just excited to find out Clark’s sense of humour.” 

The Last Son Of Krypton visited his cousin Kara (Melissa Benoist) in Supergirl season 2, but it seems plausible that there could there be a larger role for Kal-El/Clark Kent to play in The CW-verse beyond that. The latest news on that front is that a Superman show isn’t on The CW’s top priority list right now.

Supergirl season 2 Superman costume

Speaking of Superman, here’s what Tyler Hoechlin looks like in the get-up he’ll be sporting in Supergirl season 2…

Supergirl season 2 Superman influences

Here’s what The CW superhero stalwart producer Andrew Kreisberg said to Collider about the influences inspiring Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman:

“I think our take on him is probably something a little bit more traditional. There’s certainly a little bit of the ‘Aw shucks’ about him, but he’s been Superman for awhile, so there’s a savviness about him as Superman and as Clark. If he’s been Superman for 12 years, that also means that he’s been Clark Kent for 12 years. He knows how to interview somebody. He knows how to get a story out of someone. As always, with any of these things, we’re never doing a direct adaptation of a specific comic book. We cherry pick the best parts and things that we love. So, there’s a little bit of the Christopher Reeve Superman in there, a healthy dose of the Superman animated series, which we’re huge fans of, a little bit of Lois & Clark, a little George Reeves, and a little Super Friends.

“And as far as finding the right guy, as soon as we said we were going to do Superman, Greg [Berlanti] mentioned Tyler [Hoechlin]. We’ve been fans of his for years, and when we sat down with him, he is Superman. Not just with the looks, but he’s such a good guy, such a nice guy, and he’s so open and forthright and brimming with life. You just feel better when you’re around him, which I think is part of the secret of Superman. He is that ideal, but not in an unattainable way. Superman should make you feel like you can do anything, even though he’s the one that can do anything. And Tyler just had all that in spades. So, it was less a question of us reaching out. It was more a question of hoping he would say yes. After Tyler, I’m not sure what we would have done.”

Supergirl season 2 trailer collection

Here are some trailers we’ve seen for Supergirl season 2…

Supergirl season 2 Kevin Smith

Supergirl season 2’s midseason premiere was dubbed Supergirl Lives. It will air on Sky in the UK on Tuesday the 31st of January.

This one was directed by geek icon Kevin Smith, who nabbed the gig after two successful stints over on The Flash. The title of the episode is a nod to his ditched DC movie script from the 1990s, Superman Lives.

Mr Smith has now revealed that he’ll be heading back to Vancouver soon for another directorial stint on Supergirl. He’ll be directing the 17th episode of the season as well as Supergirl Lives, which is the 9th one.

“I go to Sundance tomorrow and I’m up there for IMDb all week, come home Tuesday, then a few days after that, I go up to Vancouver again to direct another episode of Supergirl,” Smith told

“Working on Supergirl is like a month of your life, but I’d give it up in a heartbeat because the last experience I had was so rewarding and I was so happy with what we did”, Smith enthused, while explaining his return. “I like all the people up there, and I believe in the show in a big, bad way. It’s incredibly warm. It’s just well-made entertainment, and it’s got something to it. It’s a little nourishing, it’s not just fast food. There’s always some heart to it.”

Supergirl season 2 cast

The other star of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman is now joining Supergirl. Yep, former small screen Lois Lane actress Teri Hatcher is joining Dean Cain in this new corner of the DC TV multiverse.

CBR reports that Hatcher will play a “mysterious new role” across multiple episodes, the assumption being that it’s a villainous one. Could she be connected to CADMUS and therefore her former screen beau?

“No offense to any of the wonderful actresses who have also played the part, but Teri Hatcher is my all-time favorite Lois Lane,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg has said. “To have her come back to the SuperWorld in a completely different part is an unbelievable gift to me, Greg [Berlanti], and the fans.”

It’s not yet clear when Hatcher will make her debut in the show.

Supergirl season 2 start date

Supergirl season 2 premiered stateside on Monday the 10th of October. In the UK, it reached Sky 1 on Monday the 24th of October.

Supergirl season 2 story

Here’s a lengthy synopsis for Supergirl season 2…

“Based on the DC character, Supergirl AKA Kara Zor-El (Melissa Benoist), decides to embrace her superhuman abilities and become the hero who she was always meant to be on The CW series, Supergirl.

“When she was 12 years old, Kara Zor-El escaped the doomed planet Krypton and was sent to earth where she was protected and raised by her foster parents, Jeremiah (Dean Cain) and Eliza Danvers (Helen Slater) and her foster sister, Alex (Chyler Leigh). Under their supervision, Kara learned to conceal the phenomenal powers she shares with her famous cousin, Superman, in order to keep her identity a secret.

“Years later, Kara was living a “normal” life in National City, assisting media mogul and fierce taskmaster Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart) and working beside her friend and IT technician Winslow “Winn” Schott (Jeremy L. Jordan) and famous photographer James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks), who Grant hired away from Metropolis’s Daily Planet. When Alex’s life was threatened in a plane crash, Kara took to the sky to rescue her. In the aftermath, Kara decided she could no longer sit on the sidelines and came out as Supergirl. She now balances her job at CatCo with her work at the Department of Extra-Normal Operations (DEO), a super-secret government agency where Alex also works. At first, the head of the DEO, Hank Henshaw

“(David Harewood), was resistant to Supergirl joining the DEO, until it was revealed that Hank was actually J’onn J’onzz, the Martian Manhunter, who had promised Jeremiah Danvers on his deathbed that he would protect both Alex and Kara. It has since been discovered that Jeremiah is actually alive and being held by Cadmus, a dangerous quasi-military organization that sees all aliens as threats. In Season One, Supergirl soared fighting crime and battling various villains, chief among them two Kryptonians who were intent on destroying earth, but she has yet to find that same empowerment as Kara Danvers.

“Now, in Season Two, Kara has left the safety of being Cat Grant’s assistant in order to figure out what she really wants to do, while as Supergirl she continues to work at the DEO., protecting the citizens of National City and searching for Jeremiah and Cadmus. Along the way, she will team up with Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) to battle new villains, as she strives to balance her personal life with her life as a superhero.”

More as we hear it.

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