The Dark Tower: the first poster

It’s been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster for Dark Tower fans, but it’s looking like Sony are tentatively starting up some marketing for the film at long last.

After Warner Bros backed out of bankrolling the project and Ron Howard lost interest in directing, Sony were the ones who stepped up with the cash, and Nikolaj Arcel (A Royal Affair) slipped behind the camera to helm the Stephen King adaptation.

There were then some problems with the visual effects which saw the film’s release pushed back six months, and we recently reported that reshoots were also underway.

But here we have it, the first poster for The Dark Tower. Take a look…

It’s nicely designed. Hopefully there’ll be a first trailer for us to look at soon, too.

At a recent book signing in Sarasota, Florida, author King told the local Herald Tribune newspaper that he had actually already seen the movie, describing it as “terrific”. We really do hope so.

The movie, which stars national treasure Idris Elba and Wild Turkey fan Matthew McConaughey, is now due to land on July 28th.

Alright, alright, alright.

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