The Flash season 3: two returning characters confirmed

The Flash season 3 is currently on its midseason break. It will return to American screens on Tuesday the 24th of January, and British ones on Tuesday the 31st of January.

Today, we’ve heard of not one but two surprise cast members that will be returning in the second half of season 3. Only scroll beyond our spoiler squirrel if you want to know who they are…

Entertainment Weekly has confirmed that Robbie Amell – who’s already played Earth-One Firestorm and Earth-Two Deathstorm – will return to the DC TV universe in an upcoming episode of The Flash.

It’s not been established which Earth’s incarnation of Ronnie Reymond he’ll be playing this time, or which time period he will pop up in. As ever, with this show, there are plenty of options. We’ll keep you posted as we hear more.

It’s also been revealed that Teddy Sears’ Zoom will return at some point, in a new guise, as the harbinger of death Black Flash. This skeletal speedster is essentially the Grim Reaper for fast metahumans, and Zoom transformed into him before our eyes while being carted off by Time Wraiths in the season 2 finale.

While we wait for the show to return, here’s the trailer for Borrowing Problems From The Future, the midseason premiere episode…

More The Flash news as we hear it.

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