Wonder Woman: the final trailer, new poster

Following the release of the final trailer for the film at the start of the week, Warner Bros has continued to release material for Wonder Woman. Latest example? Another new poster. We’ve added it to the gallery of images and posters from the film to date (where you can see it bigger). And this is what it looks like….

Here’s the final trailer…

There are two other trailers for the forthcoming DCEU film doing the rounds. The first one is much more light-hearted fare than we’ve been granted before, and honestly it’s great to know that this film will have some decent jokes in it amongst all the origin mythology.

Take a look at that one below…

Then there’s the newest (and much less funny) trailer for us to feast our eyes on, too…

We genuinely can’t wait to check this one out – it even made out 35 films to see in 2017 list.

We’ll bring you more on Wonder Woman as we have it.

In the meantime, flick over to page 2 for everything we know about the movie, including previous trailers, images and cast and crew details.

Wonder Woman release date

Wonder Woman will reach British and American cinema screens on the 2nd of June 2017. It’s placed after Suicide Squad but before Justice League in DC’s grand scheme. You can find all the release dates for the DC Extended Universe in our handy calendar article

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